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plastic sheeting for greenhouse

Greenhouse plastic film types:

The greenhouse film is generally divided into four categories: polyvinyl chloride film PVC (non-dripping film), polyethylene film PE (dripping film), vinyl acetate film EVA (composite film) and PO film.

1. PVC film (non-dripping film)


(1) After covering, the water droplets collected on the inner surface of the shed film can flow along the slope to the corner of the shed. The permeable water is good and the humidity inside the shed is small, which can reduce the incidence of various diseases.

(2) There are no water droplets in the shed film, and the light transmittance is good. The temperature in the shed is higher 4-5 degrees than the dripping film on average, which is conducive to safe wintering and rapid growth of shed vegetables.

(3) Anti-aging, generally available for more than 2 years.


(1) The film thickness is 10-12 um, and it needs about 125-130kg to cover 100m long greenhouse, and the consumables are large.

(2) The film width is generally 3-4m, and it is not convenient when bonding.

(3) The price is higher about 20%-30% than the drop film.

Recommendation: For spring fruit and vegetable production.

2, polyethylene PE film (dripping film)


(1) Width 8-10m, no need to stick when covering, more convenient to use.

(2) film thickness 7-8 um, covering 100m long greenhouse only need 70-80kg, supplies less, cheaper prices.


(1) After covering, a large number of water droplets will accumulate on the inner surface of the greenhouse film, making it easy to make the humidity high and the disease increase.

(2) Water droplets in the film can also seriously affect the light transmittance, resulting in low temperature in the greenhouse and weak light, thereby impeding the growth of vegetables and reducing the yield and benefits.

Suggestions: Used for the production of leafy vegetables and cold sheds that are resistant to low temperature and low light, such as leeks and celery.

3. EVA film

Advantages: dust-proof, anti-aging, non-dripping.

Disadvantages: The thickness and price are close to that of non-drip film. It must be face up to be effective when used.

Recommendation: Use for various types of vegetable production in winter and spring greenhouses.

4. PO film

Puncture resistance, dust-proof, more than 95% light transmittance, heat preservation, anti-fog, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, scalability,

Disadvantages: the price is highest.

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