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Watermelon film

Watermelon special film features:

1, high strength, good wind resistance: fully consider the watermelon planting every need to change the location and the requirements of the film, the service life is designed in one year. Tensile strength ≥ 30MPa, elongation at break ≥ 1000%, right-angled tear strength ≥ 110kN/m, mechanical index is significantly higher than the ordinary film, when the puncture film accidental puncture damage will not delay the damage continue to tear.

2, good insulation: watermelon belongs to thermophilic heat, afraid of frost plants. XGM series cover film uses nanometer particles to block infrared light and block 7~12μ wavelength infrared rays. With EVA resin, it can effectively improve the insulation performance of the film. In the well-sealed greenhouse, it can increase the temperature compared with other films of the same thickness. 2 to 4°C.

3, direct light type high light transmittance: watermelon properties hi light plants, watermelon special greenhouse film using direct light production technology and the bottom haze resin formula, effectively increasing the temperature of the greenhouse under sunlight irradiation. The transmittance of the film is greater than 90%, the haze is less than 25%, and the light transmittance decreases slowly. The light transmittance during the service life is not less than 80%.

4, dust effect is good: the use of nano-materials barrier function to prevent the plastic processing aids to the surface of the film caused by the adsorption of dust caused by the reduction of light transmittance, to avoid the decline in light transmittance caused by the greenhouse too slow case.

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