Polyethylene Plastic Film

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Pe Wrap Stretch Film Cast Lldpe Stretch Wrapping Film Polyethylene inside Polyethylene Plastic Film

Main application:

1.Thermic film
A thermic film is necessary for the places where the night tenperature drops below the optimum temperature necessary for the plants.

2.Anti drip
An anti drip layer is always on the inner side of the plastic. It is very important to note that when a customer buys an anti drip film the anti drip side must be fixed on the inside facing the plants.

3.Anti moist
The anti drip additive binds them to the film and they virtually are not moving.

– Plastic agricultural mulch film
– Protetct plant growing well,protect weed
– Reduce amount of water lost from soil
– Plastic agricultural mulch film

– With UV over 3 years life
– MLLDPE enhancing film


Width Thickness
500-1000mm 30-160 micron
800-1200mm 40-250 micron
1000-1500mm 40-250 micron
1800mm-12000mm 60-200 micron

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