Low Density Polyethylene Impermeable membrane

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LDPE impermeable membrane

LDPE impermeable membrane is a non-toxic, odorless, odorless white granule of high molecular polymer, melting point is about 110°C-130°C, relative density is 0.918-0.965; it has good heat resistance and cold resistance. Good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength, resistance to environmental stress cracking and tear strength, good mechanical properties and barrier properties will increase as the density increases, heat resistance, and tensile strength The strength is also higher; acid, alkali, organic solvents and other corrosion.

Low Density Polyethylene Impermeable membrane features:

High anti-seepage coefficient; Chemical stability; Anti-aging properties; Resistance to plant roots; High mechanical strength; Low cost and high efficiency; Construction speed; Environmental protection and non-toxic;

Application area:
1. Environmental protection, environmental sanitation (such as domestic garbage landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plant conditioning pools, underground foundations for waterproofing and seepage prevention, factory roof moisture-proof industries, hospital solid wastes, etc.)
2. Water conservancy (such as seepage prevention, plugging, reinforcement, seepage prevention, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc.)
3. Municipal engineering (freeway, subway, underground construction of buildings, roofing, roof garden impervious, sewage pipeline lining, etc.)
4. Garden (top garden, artificial lake, river, reservoir, golf course bottom lining, slope protection, green lawn water and moisture, etc.)
5. Petrochemical (chemical storage tank, oil refinery, gas station tank impervious, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining, etc.)
6. Mining (washing tanks, heap leaching tanks, ash dumps, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, storage yards, bottom liners for tailings, etc.)
7. Transport facilities (base reinforcement of highways, impervious culverts)
8. Agriculture (reservoir, drinking water pool, storage pond, impervious irrigation system, agricultural farming such as pig farm septic tank)
9. Aquaculture (aquaculture ponds, intensive, factory-culture ponds, fish ponds, lining of shrimp ponds, sea cucumber ring slopes, etc.)
10. Salt industry (salt field crystal pool, brine pool lid, salt film, salt pond plastic film)

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