LDPE Film – Low Density Polyethylene Film

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LDPE Film - Low Density Polyethylene Film

LDPE is soft, low barrier, good clarity film. It is also the least expensive of all polymer packaging films. It is possible to alter basic properties of LDPE film by blending other polymers and/or additives, like EVA, LLDPE, Color Pigments, Black Carbon etc. to meet your specific application.

Low-density polyethylene film is produced by blown after polymerization of ethylene through polymerization process.

Low-density polyethylene film advantages:

– Excellent Clarity when produced with Cast Process;
– With UVI (For outdoor use);
– Anti-Static and Conductive;
– Colored, Black Photo Opaque;
– Flame Retardant;
– Plain, Treated or Printed;
– Shrinkable;
– Heat Resistant;
– Slit to Size;
– Soft or Stiff Film;
– High-Strength;
– Puncture Resistant;
– Tubular or Single Wound (on rolls);

LDPE Film Applications:
– Food packaging (bread bags, baked goods, light duty produce bags, etc.)
– Light to Heavy duty bags
– Textile packaging (shirts, sweaters, etc.)
– Packaging applications requiring excellent clarity.
– Special applications (Tent windows for military use)

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