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  • greenhouse covering | greenhouse megastore

    Greenhouse Covering | Greenhouse Megastore

    Whether you're looking for greenhouse plastic covering, polycarbonate sheets, or the right tools and accessories to get the job done, we've got you covered. We offer the highest quality protection and durability with the lowest prices.

  • standard clear greenhouse film, 6mil – 6 mil polyethylene …

    Standard Clear Greenhouse Film, 6mil – 6 Mil Polyethylene …

    Our Standard Greenhouse Film Offering 6 mil thickness for extra durability, Excellent light transmission, Four year warranty against UV degradation, and Easy installation.

  • greenhouse film, greenhouse polycarbonate … – farmtek

    Greenhouse Film, Greenhouse Polycarbonate … – FarmTek

    Whether you're replacing existing greenhouse coverings or building a greenhouse you're sure to find the best greenhouse covering at FarmTek. Greenhouse glazing is the material that covers the greenhouse frame and the most widely used materials are polycarbonate and poly film.

  • 4 types of greenhouse plastic to use |

    4 Types of Greenhouse Plastic to Use |

    Polyethylene plastic will last for a year or two when kept in good condition, and smaller tears can be repaired with a poly repair kit. Copolymer Plastic A grade above the polyethylene plastics is the copolymer plastic.

  • greenhouse polyethylene film by rimol greenhouse systems

    Greenhouse Polyethylene Film By Rimol Greenhouse Systems

    Greenhouse polyethylene film offers your plants extended protection against harmful outdoor elements, including wind, rain, snow and persistent UV rays. Rimol Greenhouse Systems provides two types of polyethylene film for greenhouses: 6mm polyethylene sheeting and 6mm IR polyethylene sheeting.

  • greenhouse clear plastic film polyethylene … Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene … Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering Gt4 Year 6 Mil 12ft. X 25ft. By Grower’s Solution: Garden & Outdoor

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