Concrete construction use white plastic sheeting

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Concrete construction use white plastic sheeting

Under normal circumstances, after the concrete is poured, the plastic sheeting is covered and cured. The film is said transparent white plastic film. After the film is covered, the water vapor condenses on the film after it evaporates, wets the concrete surface, and reflects some sunlight. However, it should also be noted that the film will increase the temperature of the concrete and the evaporated water will not be enough. Water conservation, to avoid the concrete temperature too high or shrinkage cracking.
If you do not cover the film, concrete bask under the sun, the surface of water vapor evaporated, the surface drying fast, then the surface will crack everywhere, of course, do not cover on cloudy days, until the concrete is hard, more watering is good.

Concrete plastic sheeting notes:
1, pay attention to all coverage in place, especially the edge.
2, more overlap between the film, it is recommended 20 – 30cm, overlapping parts should be covered with fine sand.
3, before covering, the concrete surface should be sprinkled with water evenly.
4. during maintenance, pay attention to repairing the part that has been blown away in time.

1. It is guaranteed that hydration heat will not be lost, which is beneficial to the improvement of concrete strength.
2. Effectively ensure that the concrete moisture is not lost, and ensure the maintenance of concrete moisture.
3, in the case of less than 5 degrees, it is best to consider the felt.

Concrete moisturizing protective film is widely used in various fields such as roads, railways, and water conservancy projects, and plays an increasingly important role in the prevention of concrete quality problems.

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