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Greenhouse configurations vary primarily by shape, configuration, or construction technique.

– Gable: characterized by straight vertical walls and a gable-style roof; good spacing and layout design; easy to manage
.Ridge and furrow: multiple gables span the greenhouse roof
.Uneven span: the roof segments are different sizes, which is preferable for slopes or high latitudes
– Flat arch: straight vertical walls with a single-span arched roof; better temperature stabilization than a gable greenhouse; needs active ventilation
– Gothic: walls are bent over the frame to make a pointed roof; similar to gable-style greenhouses but without the need for structural trusses
– Raised dome: straight vertical walls with a high roof; very stable internal environment; typically expensive to build and heat; high wind loads
– Sawtooth: straight vertical walls with roof panels angled towards prevailing winds; facilitates passive ventilation
– Skillion: straight, vertical, different-sized walls with a roof sloped towards prevailing winds; transmits least amount of light during morning and evening; good for passive ventilation
– Tunnel: a single arch with walls and roofing composed of the same span; poor spacing and layout considerations; requires active ventilation; small tunnels can provide basic protection
– Igloo/dome: a small dome without supporting walls; panels are usually diamond-shaped
– Tri-penta: a small enclosure composed of triangular panels
– Lean-to: this style rests on the side of another building; it has limited space but is usually easy to heat and resistant to wind
– Teepee/A-frame: a triangle- or pyramid-shaped enclosure for planting single rows or just a few plants
– Shade house: an open air structure with a fabric roof that is sometimes retractable.

Commercial Greenhouse Common Structure
Gable, flat arch, raised dome, saw-tooth, and skillion greenhouses can be placed adjacently to increase square growing space. These are known as multi-span greenhouses, which sometimes develop ventilation problems or temperature differences.

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