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Caution Tape

Main application:
Widely used in the field of law enforcement, construction, safety, painting, work areas, crime scenes and any potentially dangerous areas.

– Polythene material,no adhesive
– Excellent flexibility,printable,lead free
– Weather resistance
– Highly visible on the jobsite

Caution Tape



Size: 3 in.*300 ft

Packing: 64 rolls/ carton


Size: 3 in.*1000 ft

Packing: 24 rolls/ carton

Technical data:

Thickness Elongation at break Tear resistance
Longitudinal direction Transverse direction Longitudinal direction Transverse direction
0.1mm 1080% 1149% 12.5 N 12.4N
0.05mm 750% 900% 11.2 N 11.5N
0.03mm 690% 780% 10.5N 11N

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