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10 mil plastic sheeting

10 Mil Clear Plastic Sheeting:
Polyethylene plastic sheeting rolls are used for various industrial and commercial applications
– Centerfold 10 Mil Plastic Sheeting
– Durable, multi-purpose plastic material
– Wrinkle and weather resistant
– Able to be reused multiple times
– Excellent durablitiy in both hot and cold temperatures
– Environmentally friendly and recyclable

10 mil Poly Construction Polyethylene Sheeting:
Material Type: 100% Premium Recycled Polyethylene Or 100% Virgin PE
Width Range: 1FT-50FT (0.3-15 Meters)
Thickness: 0.31Mil-100Mil (0.008-2.5mm)
Color : Clear, Black, White, Blue, Orange or Any Color
Film Shape: Roll Or Pre-cut Piece
Technology: 3 layer co-extrusion blowing film
Packing: In Carton Box Or In Strong Poly Bag

HDPE 10 mil plastic geomembrane sheeting:
Quite low permeability with high anti-seepage ratio;
Chemical resistance;
Anti plant root system;
Aging resistance;
High machanic strength;
Low cost;
Environmental protection formulation;
Rapid construction.

10Mil Black Plastic Ploy Plant Sheeting:

10Mil Black Plastic Ploy Plant Sheeting:

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